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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Greatness: A Jewish Definition" - Comments

1 yehoshua on 2015 06 19

Thank you so much for writing on the topic of mesirut nefesh since it is so fundamental to the Jewish experience.  In order for a Jew to be happy, he must have mesirut nefesh in his life.  I would argue that a Jew’s fulfillment and even contentment in life is proportional to his mesirut nefesh. 
Today is the yahrzeit of the Lubbavitcher rebbe, someone whose mesiruit nefesh, and the mesirut nefesh he inspired in others, is legendary.  When Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz came to the Lubavitcher rebbe and complained that he had so many projects that he never had enough time to keep up with everything, the Lubavitcher rebbe told him not only to continue with all of these projects but to take on more projects.  Here’s a link to a remarkable speech on this subject that was delivered by Rabbi Steinsaltz on the 10th anniversary of the Lubavitcher rebbe’s passing.

2 Chaim Yehuda on 2015 06 20

Yasher Koach !

It seems to me we can also learn that mesiras nefesh can involve denying ourselves some of these fleeting desires, however impressive they may temporarily be.
Denying ones self the “ pleasure” of this accomplishment,
For the sake of much more significant and longer lasting effects is a much greater good.

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