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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Getting Out Of Slavery" - Comments

1 Holly Wolf on 2008 08 01

Thank you - let us all lift up our hands and merit the final Geula! A zissen Pesach!

2 Michael Plaskow on 2008 08 01

Thank you and I agree with every word. In the Modim we say every day “V’al nisecha shebchol yom imanu” - For your miracles which are with us every day. But, personally, I am always moved by the words in the Modim D’Rabbanan. It is like saying a “Shehecheyanu” every day. We say “Al shehecheyitanu v’keeyamtanu” = For you have given us life and sustained us. I look at a country like Burma which has just been ravaged by a cyclone. The people seem to have nothing yet Israel B"H" is able to help albeit in a small way. I cannot think of any country in the world where everyone stands perfectly still when the siren is sounded for two minutes silence. Even drivers not only stop their vehicles on the motorways but actually get out and stand to attention. We can teach the world so much with regard to respect. Yes we have many faults here but we are a great nation and an Am Kadosh. May Hashem always sustain us.

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