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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"G-D’s Favorite People" - Comments

1 sholom stern on 2013 11 01

Isaac displays sensitivity by praying together withhis wife He demonstrates that he is a supportive husband trying to help his wife who has difficulty in conceiving.It reminds me of the story of the husband who accompanies his wife to the doctor.The woman’s foot is in pain.The husband says to the doctor,"our foot hurts”.At the same time Isaac and Rebecca had difficulty in communicating with each other as is evident by known deception.

2 Yaacov Haber on 2013 11 02

Rabbi Stern. Thank you. I am honored that you are reading.

3 Yehudit Rose on 2015 11 13

I have recently immersed myself in teachings on the subject of Tefila in an effort to revitalize my love and appreciation for the Tefilot in the Siddur.  After years of saying these words, I needed to find ways within myself to maintain Kavanna and reflect on the history of our people that is found through the words of the liturgy. Your Dvar Torah inspired support for these efforts and reminded me how much I miss being at your Shiurim “live”. May Hashem bless you and Bayle with goodness always.
Thank you for your words,

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