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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Fire At the Seder" - Comments

1 Tzvi on 2009 04 03

For more on eating matzoh erev Pesach see here

2 yehoshua on 2010 03 27

I suddenly understand why horror movies are so popular.  People are hungry to feel something, yet none of the conventional pleasures (intellectual, spiritual, physical, or materialistic) are adequate for eliciting the desired emotional response.  People have to be literally shocked into feeling something.  How lucky we Yidden are to have so many wonderful chagim, especially Pesach, that are laden with emotion provoking content.  Even a block of wood must feel something at the Seder table.  Good Shabbos and Chag Sameach!

3 Zvi Kaniel on 2013 03 22

Gevaldik!! i enjoy most of the articles, but this one really ‘lit my fire.’ Best wishes for a good Shabbos and a kosher and freiliche yomtov.

4 A. Moshe on 2016 04 12

I happened upon this/your site searching for the sefer Tzav VeZiruz.  I’m glad I did. Thank you.
My wife is a public high school teacher. Many teenagers now are “cutting” themselves - - they use razor blades to cut lines in their arms and or legs. A psychologist friend explained that it is often that these kids feel numb and cut themselves in order to feel something, to get the pleasure of feeling, even though it is feeling pain. Clearly the Rebbe understood people.

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