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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Fast Days" - Comments

1 SDM on 2009 01 06

Rabbi T. H. Haber,
I truly enjoyed you post. I particularly appreciated that you cited the original text upon which our customs are predicated on.This is to often neglected by many.Also, while it is a bit laborious it it also quite helpful when you provide a list of references along with your post as you did in your last peice.

2 EF on 2009 01 09

Very nice article.  I would just like to point out that Rav Hershel Sechter (in Nefesh Harav) reports that Reb Chaim held that nowadays one need not fast on the four minor fast days because we are all cosidered to be moderately ill, and an ill person is not required to fast.  Also, there has been some discussion in the religious zionist community that perhaps nowadays since the establishment of the state of Israel all the fasts commemorating destruction are nullified.  Perhaps you could discuss these leneincies.

3 Chaim on 2009 01 15

I think probably Reb Chaims heter only applied in Europe where due to the poverty, starvation and physical weakness were common.  It’s unlikely the heter applies in todays world

4 Chaviva on 2009 07 09

תודה רב!

5 shlomo on 2010 12 20

Rabbi Haber
it seems that most shuls finish davening and break the fast before 50 minutes also I see that you are an MTJ talmid can you explain why their calendar starts the fast earlier then 72 minutes before sunrise?

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