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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Don’t Hog The Blanket!" - Comments

1 y Mahtov on 2009 01 04

You are 100% correct, but in addition I’d like to add that some times you need to crush the enemy to have peace and it seems that it is the time to achieve peace through a hard way which is war; HaShem should have Rachmanos on us and return our soldiers back home safe with speedy Geolah.

2 Chaim Yehuda Schwartz on 2011 12 30

Yes, and currently , in Bet Shemesh and elsewhere, in my opinion we are NOT seeing a Michemes HaShem, but we ARe seeing Sinas Chinum.

3 Yehuda Konigsberg on 2011 12 31

I like the idea of a warm blanket of Shalom for Am Yisrael. AMEN!

4 bobby minkoff on 2012 01 01

As always you are RIGHT ON. The problem arises when some believe they are the only ones entitled to the blanket and try to kick the others out of the bed.

5 Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr on 2014 12 28


This Dvar Torah is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Mazal Tov bas Eliyahu whose yahrtzeit is this week. May she be an advocate for our people and our family before Hashem.  May her memory be a blessing.


6 Hinda kimmel on 2015 01 06

Dear Rabbi Haber,
This was a beautiful dvar Torah and very timely.I hope to re peat it at the Shabbos table.

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