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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Do the Right Thing" - Comments

1 Sarah Leah on 2016 11 11

beautiful commentary on my favorite parish

2 Efryim Shore on 2016 11 13

Ah the Essence of the JEW; doing what is right and matter what. Which is why Sefer Brayshish is called Sefer Yashapour.
My question: what about people who wholeheartedly believe they are “right”...and are willing to die and kill for their"right “ despite the obvious fact that this is contrary to Torah Law.
Obviously “they” are “wrong”....our cousins the muslims...what are we to do?tolerate their “error”...fight against them? ..even closer to home/heart...what about anti-observant JOOOZ..."fight" them with LOVE only (my hope)?
Look forward to hearing from You🙌👀🎶

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