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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Chazon! A Vision" - Comments

1 yitzchak rosenbaum on 2009 07 23

well said & how appropriate especially in view of what happened this morning in new jersey.  we have lost our way & our vision. Hashem yerachem.

2 David Kunkel on 2009 07 27

In many ecosystems, fire is a necessary and vital part of the life cycle. In fact, some pine cones will only open to release their seeds when heated by fire. One of the lessons learned in American forests is that if you suppress the fire too long, you get a white-hot fire that destroys all instead of enabling regrowth. Regular, moderate fires are vital to renewal.

A digression? No! Just as G-d punishes Israel in stages rather than withhold punishment until visiting total destruction as was visited on nations such as the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, So we can look upon the Churban as clearing out the old brush, making the ground fertile, spreading new seeds, and enabling our renewal. And Rabbi, you got to witness that paradigm from your back window. how fortunate! May we all be equally fortunate in witnessing the renewal of Israel and the coming of Moshiach.

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