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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Searching for Light" - Comments

1 pnina clark on 2008 12 27

thanks for the inspiring story.
happy chanukah
from hobart
david & pnina

2 b-i-l on 2008 12 29

wow, it is impressive that he was able to maintain his payoff all those years. Just imagine what the rest of his routines must have been like.

3 binah on 2011 12 23

Wonderful story, very inspiring lesson of what we are capable of and the impact it has. Thank you. We need reminders sometimes. Happy Chanukah....and may the light of Chanukah completely dispel all darkness, physically and spiritually...revealing the Emes and purpose of creation.

4 Yonoson on 2011 12 23

I heard that story many years ago when I was in yeshiva in Israel - there are those that talk and there are those that do - Stories like that inspire us to “do the right thing” - May we be worthy to “ do hashems will “ - to do the thing we were created for.  Have a wonderful shabbos rabbi!

5 Chaim on 2011 12 25

It often seems that those without or with very little often do more and give more than those who have much. Thank you for the timely and inspirational story.

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