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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Birchas Baal Habayis - Blessing The Host" - Comments

1 Eliezer Eisenberg on 2014 10 30

Excellent and timely.  Yasher Koach!

Several observations:  1. To explain the Magen Avraham (i.e., Rashi,) it seems that this is related to Brachos 51, where Kos shel Bracha is invested with special significance.  2. Also, this bracha might be specific to a guest, that is, a traveler, because he benefited from the host’s invitation and his hakaras hatov enhances his bracha. See Sotah 38, that you only give the Kos to a “tov ayin.” The guest is davka in a position to be the biggest tov ayin.  3. Since the guest ought to be makir tov, failure to do so is not a shlilus, it is an avla with a kum v’asei- he took food and refuses to give a bracha.  A kum v’asei refusal to give a bracha indeed brings the opposite.

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