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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Miriam Vision" - Comments

1 David Twersky on 2009 06 12

Mazal Tov on the the grandchild!

2 MK on 2013 05 20

No matter how often we hear that G-d’s way is better, the following time we hear it again feels as though it is novel and ever so welcome

3 Miriam Maor on 2013 05 24

Thank you for being a Shaliach of Hashem! I needed this Dvar Torah as humans need water! The Miriam Vision is to see that we don’t see, but can have the fortitude and faithfulness to hold on just a bit more - and then we will see the vision of Hashem’s…
Shabbat Shalom!

4 Yehudit Rose on 2013 05 26

Thank you, Rabbi Haber, for an inspiring teaching about Holy Patience. In a time of instant messaging and internet speed, we all need to remember that there is an art to waiting. it is in itself a spiritual discipline. Miriam saw and knew and waited with total Emunah. She was a prophet and teacher.
May we follow her wisdom. B’vrakha, Yehudit

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