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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Are You Stuck?" - Comments

1 Shmuel Miller on 2008 07 06

Dear Rabbi Haber, shlit"a

Thank you for your many years of harbatzas haTorah. Your unique ability to articulate Torah concepts to the masses is a true chizzuk to the Jewish People. I find myself time and time again turning to your Torah thoughts, books and posters to prepare talks, programs and presentations.

May Hakadosh Baruch Hu continue to give you, your family and those that work with you the strength and means to continue in your Avodas HaKodesh.

Berov Hakaras HaTov,

Shmuel Miller
(Doniel Lerner’s brother-in-law- just in case that gets me some sort of Torah Lab upgrade...)

2 existwhere? on 2008 07 08

"Hashem said to Moshe: Teach the people the secret of the nachash nechoshes! Teach them to have the firmness of copper, while maintaining the flexibility of a snake. Teach them the secret of survival as a Jew.”

Thank you. What is the source for that idea?

3 Moshe H. on 2008 07 11

I often look around me and see people that are amazingly talented and gifted, and yet don’t seem to be getting anywhere! None of their dreams seem to be realized. Most of them have the potential to do very great things, but for whatever reason, they cannot. They are stuck, and it’s frightening to see.

I think this speaks directly to me.

4 Yehoshua on 2008 07 13

The only way to move forward is by devleoping a deep love for HaShem, that same love we had when we left Egypt, following Him blindly into the desert.  That feeling of being in love allows you to do great things.  How to develop such a love?  Just as a child grows closer to a parent by doing what the parent asks the child to do, so too a Jew grows closer to HaShem by doing what HaShem commands, down to the smallest detail.

5 Binyomin Freilich on 2013 06 14

The vort is excellent. I have a little issue with the moshol. Copper is actually very very flexible. search wiki answers ! Copper rods are used everywhere. The mishkan was full of copper. There is even a website called
So while the point made is true, i have a hard time believing that when the Bnei Yisroel saw the copper snake, they thought about being stiff.

6 chanarachel frumin on 2013 06 14

Dear Rabbi Haber
Could you share a bit more about how to be flexible asa religious Jew?

7 Efryim shore on 2013 06 14

May you continue to delight, infuse, and enlighten....TY for the uplift and the vision. Most sincere best wishes, efryim

8 Akiba on 2013 06 14

I am stuck and my tefilot every day contain pleas to the Borei Olam for help, I cannot find a way to use my midot and education for good and receive parnasa.  This has preceded the general economic downturn.  If anyone has advice, please let me know.

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