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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"A Potpourri of Purim Practices and Personal Pet Peeves" - Comments

1 Elisha Friedman on 2009 03 05

Could you elaborate on the dispute between Magen Avraham and R. Feinstein? What are the various positions and reasons?  Is this related to the well known dispute regarding eating before the Shofar blowing?

2 Happy Purim on 2009 03 05

Prior to perusing this post, I was under the perception that it was preferable to give presents to poor people on Purim over any other part of the year.  The proposed difference would be that the purpose of giving on Purim is not for the poor person to make a profit but rather to promote peace. That is why how poor the person is is not paramount on Purim. We perform the precious act of presenting any person who purports to be poor with payment, not only if he is penniless.

3 zevi greenfield on 2009 03 05

when u say that r’ dovid says one may eat before the megillah reading is that lechatchila or only b’dieved?

4 Tzvi Haber on 2009 03 06

Elisha - It would seem that the Magen Avraham felt that Megilla is different than other mitzvos, Rav Dovid didn’t see any reason to differentiate.
Happy Purim - your poetry and punnery is priceless!
Zevi - Lechatchila. do be aware that this seems to be a minority opinion.

5 TH on 2010 02 17

just bumped into this:
Rav Ovadia Yosef adds (Sefer Chazon Ovadia - Purim) that on the Shabbat
of Purim in Yerushalayim, people should say a full Hallel without a

6 H.A. Arnevet on 2011 12 30

If I live in Holon and visit Jerusalem on the 14th of Adar and remain overnight, do I need to hear the megilah twice aagain (erev and bokeer of the 15th)?

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