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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"A Little Eisavkeit" - Comments

1 Theresa on 2008 12 17

G-d bless you and yours.
Could you please tell me what it means, to accept with the right hand and push with the left hand.
thank you, blessings,

2 TorahLab on 2008 12 18

The basic concept is one found throughout Jewish literature, that whilst sometimes its necessary to push someone away, it should be done with the left or weaker hand and at the same time embrace them and draw them closer with the right, or stronger, hand. We never push someone away strongly.

3 AY Berkowitz on 2010 11 21

True but when u play with fire u can get burned!
Bracha VHatzlacha!

4 Gedalya Persky on 2011 12 09


5 mendy brukirer on 2011 12 09

thank you so much for a wonderful dvar torah which brought me back to the days when I was a little kid sitting in “rabbi habers shul” listening to a pirkei avos shiur. I was curious If it would be alright to use this dvar torah on a RAJE shabbaton that I have this week. I feel that the students can truly identify with the concept of accepting and pushing away at the same time

6 chanarachel frumin on 2011 12 10

as a therapist this makes such sense that all of us is useful in parts. As a baalei tshuva this makesmore sense as there is a part 9of our life that we don’t have to drop in the garbage rather it too can be used

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