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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"A History of the Shechinah" - Comments

1 Daniel Levy on 2008 06 13

it all seems obvious when it is explained so clearly - shkoach - it makes me think why didn’t I think of this?

2 Anonymous on 2008 06 13

G-d is always with us.  It is up to us to “see” Him.  He has been with us in times of peace and security and also in times of troubles. 

In fact, He is even more apparent when troubles befall Israel.  Who in the world cares so much about Israel to orchestrate trouble after trouble upon Israel?  We have to pray for more Emunah, Bitachon and do our part in teshuva.  We have to continue to do outreach to our brethren who think that G-d is not with us.

We have to pray to not take blessings from G-d for granted, then we will be able to truly see everything that Hashem is doing for us.

Hashem has His timetable in when He would reveal Himself globally to us again. That is up to Him.  But it is up to us to see and seek Him everytime, in times of good and bad.

3 Raphael Wilson on 2008 06 17

Thanks for the idea of meditating on the Shechina resting on all of Am Yisroal and on my friends, my family and me. 

When I pray Shimon Esrei at Shaccaris, I try to meditate at the end of each prayer before saying the bruchah.  I find that this keeps me more focused, and prevents my mind from wandering.

Your idea here has improved my davening.

Todah Raba!!!

4 Jake Willis on 2011 12 20

Many websites have a “facebook like” button. So for instance if this webpage had a facebook like button I could press it and share this beautiful d’var torah on my “wall.”

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