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The Systems of the Jewish Year

The Answer

By Rabbi Sender Haber

Sometimes we need to explain things that have no explanation. It might be a joke, a feeling of satisfaction, or intense anger.

Explaining takes away a piece. Once you put it into words you lose the essence. You limit your experience to that which you can ariculate.

The Piasetzner tells us not to share our most inspirational moments. Once we try to explain them they become finite and lose their luster.

At the Seder we don’t have that luxury. Our children are asking questions. They want to know more, they want to know why we bother, or they are just confused.

Even if our child does not ask, we need to answer him anyway. Even if there is no child we need to articulate our feelings.

The Bnei Yissoschar explains based on the Arizal that Hashem does this for us as well. It is difficult to come close to G-d because it is impossible to comprehend him. V’chi Efshar Lidavek B’eish?! Is it possible to attach to oneself to fire?!

On Pesach we are given to understand and come close to Hashem. He takes us out in a way that we can truly comprehend. We are all Kabbalists for just a moment.

People work their entire lives to be like ‘huge tzadikim’. On Pesach we are there.

We all have a Pharaoh inside of us. There is something in us that has the ability to see on miracle after another and to remain uninspired and uninterested.

I knew a fellow who was a heretic. He would learn and go to shul but he didn’t believe. This went on for years. One day a torah scholar that he knew suffered a tragedy. This fellow attended the Shiva and for the first time ever started to daven.

Why? It didn’t make sense, he didn’t understand G-d better but he was so overcome by his lack of control and by the fact that the torah scholar was so confident in Hashem’s control that he began to believe.

That is our gift at the Seder. We recognize, finally, that it is all Hashem.

We articulate to our children on their level and Heaven articulates it to us in a way that we can comprehend. We need to savor, enjoy, live, and grow with every moment of the Seder.

When it is over we need to use the forty-nine days of counting the omer to take that newly articulated holiness and allow it to become a part of our daily lives so that we can be fully prepared to receive the Torah as elevated human beings.

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