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The Systems of the Jewish Year

Getting the Hint

By Rabbi Sender Haber

In Parshas Nasso each one of the Nesi’im (Tribal leaders) had a chance to participate in the inauguration of the Mishkan. Each day another Nasi would be bring the sacrifice, and each day the Nasi’s sacrifice would mimic the sacrifice of the Nasi before him.

A cursory look into the Midrash Rabbah shows us that the sacrifices were not identical at all. Each nasi had his own unique and independent thoughts in mind when he made his offering. Each brought the same silver, the same animals and the same incense, but each sacrifice was totally different.

Tonight I had the privilege of hearing a talk from Rabbi Shabsi Werther. Rabbi Werther used to be my principal and he put a lot of effort into training me as a teacher. I was friendly with his son Sholom Benayahu and even spoke at his Bar Mitzvah where he made a Siyum on a large portion of Mishnayos. Unfortunately, Sholom died nineteen months ago as a result of a hit and run accident.

Our local institutions began a program in memory of Shalom. Every Thursday night, boys from the elementary school get together with boys from the high school and learn Mishnayos in Shalom’s memory. There are prizes and treats, but one of the greatest treats is Rabbi Werther’s yearly visit to address the boys and thank them.

Rabbi Werther spoke about how each and every Jew is hinted to in the Torah. Rabbi Werther has found dozens of hints to his son Shalom’s life in the Torah and he made the point that none of us have a right to feel insignificant or unimportant. Each and every one of us is a piece of Hashem’s plan and each of us has something unique to offer. There is a purpose to every life and it can be found in the Torah.

What a beautiful thought to hear from a parent who lost his child. Every child is special. Every person is unique. Rather than wallow in grief, Rabbi Werther sees the purpose of his son’s tragically short life in every piece of Torah he learns.

Where can we be found?

Rabbi Werther’s new book: Zayis Ra’anan: The Gift of the Fresh Olive, can be found at“>">

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