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The Systems of the Jewish Year

Chanukah - The Secret of the Wine and the Bread (Video)

By Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Rabbi Haber shlita takes us on a deeper look into the Miracles of Chanukah.  The connection of the Miracle of the Menorah burning 8 days and it’s relation to the Burning Bush.  And, he discusses the secret of the Wine and the Bread? Rabbi Nachman the Breslover taught that MalkiTzedek showed Avraham Avinu that in order to mekarev the Canaanim you have to give them Wine (representing the mesorah-tradition) and the Bread (representing something new that is nogayah- relevant - to them) The wine gets better when it’s aged (and that comes from Hashem) and the bread is better when it’s fresh (and that’s something that is more from the works of man).  There is also a connection between the Written Torah and the Oral Torah that represents the same principle.  The Written Torah is unchangeable.  And, although the basic principles set forth in the Oral Torah are also unchangeable, it can be adapted to the times by the Rabbis.  The “Light” that Hashem gives to us calls for us (if not obliges us) to elevate ourselves in Holiness with our actions.

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