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The Systems of the Jewish Year

Turning on G-d’s light

By Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Our function in this world is to activate G-d’s light.

G-d said: “Light the Menorah and the world will see that it is not I that illuminate the world but you.”
(Medrash Shmos Rabba 36;2)

When the world was created G-d said “Let there be light!” From the beginning of time all the spiritual light that would be revealed as history unfolds was created but held in suspension. G-d’s light waited for us to activate it through our actions. As we built the Mishkan, a paradigm shift occurred. A change in the world that would forever alter the way the human race functioned. When we lit the Menorah we created a receiver that would absorb and harness G-d’s light in this world and revolutionize the way we live. That light would emanate energy of clarity, peace and loving kindness. (Noam Elimelech)

Our function in this world is to activate G-d’s light.

The Jews that left Egypt were faced with a major military challenge. The people of Amalek called for the destruction of the Jews. Amalek was not only strong and familiar with the desert conditions, they were evil. Today we can understand that the most difficult power to battle is the forces of evil. The Jews didn’t know of war; they were not militarily astute. Amalek took advantage of the darkness and sought to annihilate our people. Moshe, the greatest Jewish leader of all times, knew that he needed to activate G-d’s light. He climbed up on a mountain where everyone can see him and he raised his hands to the Heavens. All of Israel looked upward and prayed to our Father in Heaven. As long as Moshe’s arms were outstretched the strength of the Jews increased. When Moshe put his hands down Amalek began to win. When the light of Creation was activated we were victorious.

The world desperately needs light! All of us must light our menorah. Through our acts of kindness, through our prayers and through our study we can bring the light of Creation into our communities, our families, and our lives. We can create clarity, peace and love. We can usher in the times of Mashiach who the prophets refer to as “the light of the world”. 

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