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The Systems of the Jewish Year



Not Just Tenderloin Steak

Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Our Very Own Esav

There were times that the Jews were attacked by an Esav who murdered and robbed. There were times when Jews had to resist the lure of pagan glamour. There were times when Esav came with scholarship and with ministerial robes and there were times that Esav spoke of love, caring and a yearning to show us a better way to heaven. All the Esav’s of history had one thing in common. They endeavored to stop the Jews from leading their own unique spiritual life and have them abandon their nationalistic aspirations. Somehow we have survived them all.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber


Rabbi Sender Haber

A Little Eisavkeit

Be careful not to accept Esav with two hands and not to push him away with two hands either.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

In the Merit of Esav

R' Yochanan ben Zakkai asked his disciples to go and see which is the best quality to which a man should cling, his disciple R' Eliezer answered: "A good eye".
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Going It Alone (2005)

Rabbi Yaacov Haber

My Brother Esav


The Straight Way (2003)


Parshas Vayishlach 2001

The final battle is the battle of synergy for us, and Tikun Olam for the world at large.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Parshas Vayishlach 2000

The nations of the world call us Yaakov but the truth is that we are Yisroel.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber