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The Systems of the Jewish Year


Shabbos My Bride

Shabbos we can actually enjoy and experience the presence of His Shechina. We can experience a new level of light, of holiness, of spirituality and of peace. As Shabbos comes in we offer a special welcome to G-d in our lives.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Kiddush Levana on Shabbos and Yom Tov

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Using Grape Juice for Kiddush

The Parshiyos of Vayeshev, Miketz and Vayigash all involve wine. Is grape juice included in the halachic category of wine?
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Maaser Sheini - Maintaining the Connection

An understanding of Maaser Sheini, Maaser Beheimah, and Aliyah L'Regel, and how we can apply them to our lives
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Davening on Shabbos That Coincides with Yom Tov or Rosh Chodesh

what matters when forgotten
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Kosev - Writing on Shabbos

some of the practical applications of the prohibition to write on Shabbos
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Simchas Torah (and Shabbos) sales

the propriety of making auctions and sales on Shabbos and Yom Tov
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Bikur Cholim on Shabbos

Rabbi Sender Haber

Shabbos Clothes

Rabbi Sender Haber