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The Systems of the Jewish Year

Lag B'Omer


Just One Droplet

The story of Lag B'Omer, Rebbi Akiva, the founding of the Oral Torah under Roman Persecution. The lesson of the rock.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Who Wrote That Song?

Rabbi Sender Haber

Rabi Akiva and Shir Hashirim

Rabbi Sender Haber

Taking a Haircut On Friday Rosh Chodesh Sivan (May 26 2017)

Can I take a haircut on the Friday prior to Lag B'Omer? How about Rosh Chodesh Sivan?
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

History of Kabbalah

Rabbi David Sedley and TorahLab have translated the introduction to Shomer Emunim HaKadmon. Written by Rabbi Yaakov Irgas in the late 17th century, Shomer Emunim HaKadmon is a basic introduction to kabbalah. This introduction, taken from the text of the book itself and updated to the late 20th century, was written by Rabbi Yitzchak Stern of Jerusalem in 1965. It provides an invaluable guide to the transmission and development of kabbalah from the time of Avraham Avinu and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai through the Gaonim and Rishonim to the modern era. Perfect for Lag BaOmer, the hilula of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
Rabbi David Sedley | 232 kb megabytes | 27

History of Kabbalah


Lag B’Omer

Rabbi Yaacov Haber | 19.2 megabytes | 41 minutes