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The Systems of the Jewish Year




Rabbi Yaacov Haber

The Quest For Jerusalem

On a spiritual voyage, the expedition, the trek, searching, yearning, finding it and just getting there, is the mission in and of itself! If we would know where it is then it wouldn't be as holy.
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

The Right Choice

The power of choice and the outcome of how we choose has the ability to make it or break it.

Nearing The End

to do teshuvah is to stand before Hashem, to make Hashem central in our lives and in our thoughts and to return to a relationship with Him
Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Maaser Sheini - Maintaining the Connection

An understanding of Maaser Sheini, Maaser Beheimah, and Aliyah L'Regel, and how we can apply them to our lives
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Haber

Kadish For the Cardinal


Re’eh 2003